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Max is a special senior boxer that has been part of Boxer Friends' foster program for almost 6 years.  He came into our program when we received a call about a dog tied up behind an abandoned building.  Max was a neglected and abused dog that has long term emotional scars.    Max lives with a very special mom and dad who understand his issues and as Max has gotten older his medical needs are becoming more expensive.  Boxer Friends pays for all of Max's current medications including HW preventative plus we pay all his medical bills which have totaled in the thousands of dollars.  Can you help us to continue to help Max by sponsoring all or a part of Max's monthly care?  Please click on the DONATE button and note your donation is for Max and if it's a one time donation or a reoccurring donation.  Either one is appreciated and we thank you!



Chyna is a wonderful boxer girl with a very rare disease called Sialadenosis.  This disease makes eating extremely difficult and she can only be fed some sort of wet food that can be made into a slurry consistency.  She has found a family that loves her in spite of her handicap however the cost of feeding her is very expensive...about $225 a month!! and that doesn't include her monthly medications.  Boxer Friends subsidizes her monthly food bill and is asking for your help.  If you can help sponsor our wonderful girl please click the DONATE button, note the donation is for Chyna and note whether it's a one time donation or reoccurring donation.  We appreciate your help!



Cici is an adorable, petite senior girl.  She came to us when her previous owner thought she was disposable.  Their choice was to euthanize her instead of giving her medical care.  She is now safe and happy in a home as one of our compassionate care fosters. Boxer Friends takes care of all her needs including medical (vet bills) and food.  The cost of providing Cici's food alone runs us about $60 a month and her general medical care costs us several hundred dollars over the span of the year.  Can you help offset the cost of Cici's food by making a donation using the link below?  Please note that it's for Cici and that it's either a one time donation or recurring donation.  Thank you so much!


Please click here to sponsor one of our amazing boxers.