UPDATE- Adopted together

Alice and Amber are the only 2 survivors from a litter of 12.  They have come into our program because the owners could not take proper care of them and wanted better for them.  They are almost 11 months old and understandably are a bit uncertain of their new surroundings.  We feel with a little time and love they will be just fine.  They are currently receiving the medical care they are needing and will be ready for adoption shortly.  In the meantime they are in need of a foster home.  If you can help these girls please fill out the foster application or adoption application.

*Update* The girls are in a foster to adopt home.


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UPDATE - Adopted

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to CBS4 Miami and WPLG Local 10 for their awesome coverage of our special girl.  Thank you from the bottom of our heart!



We recently received a call about a sick little boxer girl. The previous owner was going to euthanize her but reached out to us as a last resort which was suggested by his vet. We had our vet review the medical records and even though our vet confirmed the diagnosis we felt strongly that we needed to step in and try to help. Dolly is a 5 1/2 month old adorable boxer puppy that is just stinkin' cute. She spent some time at our vet VCA Hollywood Animal Hospital where the entire staff (and I do mean entire) has fallen completely in love with her. She now is in a wonderful foster home and loving her foster big fur sister.  Sadly, Dolly has a liver shunt. She is responding extremely well to the oral medication she is taking but the sad reality is she needs a major surgery to save her life. The surgery is very expensive and is only performed at certain hospitals. We are lucky that the UF Small Animal Hospital in Gainesville is able to perform such a surgery. In a decision made with much thought, we have decided to try to raise funds to cover the cost of Dolly's life saving surgery. We realize this is a huge amount of money but we also feel we need to do what we can to save her. If you can help us save Dolly it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for wanting to help Dolly.

UPDATE - UF had a cancellation and we were able to get Dolly up to Gainesville for her surgery.  There were several complications that increased the cost over $2000 more than what we planned on.  Thankfully Dolly is doing well but has a long road of recuperation ahead of her.  The complete update can be found on her youcaring page and we have detailed the entire trip on our facebook page.


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HARLEE is an (approximately) 14- 16 month old boxer puppy who has been bounced around way too much in her short little life.  She loves the company of other dogs and one who is not aggressive, is not an alpha and will match her style of play is a must.  This video shows what is absolutely typical boxer play but why we have the requirements in place that we do  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2EwzweQfX8  A minimum of a 6 foot fence is required.   If you are interested in Harlee and meet the listed requirements, please fill out the adoption application.  Please note we do not adopt outside of our service area which is Southeast Florida.

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