PRINCESS - is a sweet girl that finds herself in need of a new home due to no fault of her own.  She is 8 years young.  She has lived with small dogs.  We are still getting to know Princess and assess her medical needs however we do know that she is in need of some groceries.  We are looking for a foster and/or adopter once she is ready.

If you are interested in Princess please fill out the foster application or adoption application.

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Mona (2 yrs old female) came into Boxer Friends, Inc. the beginning of February 2021 and is currently in a foster home.
Mona is adjusting to a home life after sadly living out on someone's patio all her life. She quickly caught on to the household routine. In a short time she has become crate trained and will go in herself. Other times when she needs a time out, you point and tell her "Mona, go in the cage" and she will listen. She loves the crate and is quiet as a mouse in there.
Mona also sleeps in a crate in our bedroom since otherwise she would be jumping around and think its playtime with the other 2 dogs.
She is a typical energetic boxer puppy and can fly over furniture (lol), swipe your slippers or grab whatever is laying on the floor. She also counter surfs and likes to jump up on you in excitement or wants a hug.
A couple of traits to beware of:
First - Mona is very skittish. It is extremely important that anyone who is interested in adopting Mona fully understand this. If she hears a noise or something scares her, she will panic and run away. For instance, she heard the patio door bang and she bolted and blindly ran right into the swimming pool not meaning to. Could she bolt and get away or hurt herself??
Second - Mona is a Houdini. While being TETHERED she can get out of a harness or harness lead in less than a minute.
Third - Mona will not walk on a leash. When you put the leash on her and head for outside she will put the brakes on though she has made it to the front of the garage with effort.
Fourth: Mona likes to chew on woodwork or thinks it's a chewy toy!
Fifth: Mona is not fully housebroken and has gone potty a few times in the house. We then realized that when we took her out with the other 2 dogs she gets distracted and forgets to go. So she now goes out alone before the other 2 dogs go out.
Mona hasn’t been tested fully with kids or babies but the kids next door and baby girl come to the chain link fence and Mona sits and wags her tail while they talk to her. Mona is living with 2 large dogs and they get along. She hasn't been tested with cats.
Mona is a sweet girl and likes kisses, hugs and being on your lap however Mona is not a “wash and wear” dog. Mona’s new family will need patience and commitment to continue to work with her. If you think you might have what it takes please fill out the adoption application.




Simon will be a compassionate care family member with one of our volunteers.

SIMON is as adorable as they come.  Simon came to us severely injured with a huge gash along his spine and another injury on his neck.  He has come a long way since being in our care.  Simon is HW+ and sadly has heart disease (which is common in boxers) however he has responded very well to heart meds and is doing great.  Simon would do well with a laid back male dog but he seems to have a preference for the girls.  Simon is about 9 years old and is on the smaller size currently weighing in just under 50 pounds. Simon is up to date on vaccinations and is microchipped.  He is currently being treated for heartworms.  If you are interested in Simon please fill out the foster or adoption application.  Please note we do not adopt outside of our service area which is Southeast Florida.

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