Foster Care Information

We are in desperate need of foster homes for the Boxers in our program. Since we are not a kennel or shelter facility, all the dogs are placed in private homes while awaiting adoption. The number of Boxers we can help is directly related to the number of foster homes available! If you are interested in providing a temporary foster home for any of our boxers please fill out the foster application below

Boxer Friends, Inc. will provide:
*  Preventative medications (monthly Heartworm and flea/tick         prevention)
*  Vet care
*  Collar, leash
*  Crate (if needed)

Foster Homes will provide:

  •  Shelter for the Boxer
  • Love, attention, affection
  • Exercise, stimulation

Many people who have one Boxer would like another playmate, but may not want to commit to a permanent resident. Fostering is a good way to figure out how your current dog would be compatible with another, should you decide to get one in the future, and it is also an excellent way to help out the community and help with the huge pet overpopulation problem!  A question we are often asked is what happens if I fall in love with the dog?  Well, it's quite simple, you are first in line then to adopt that dog!

As a foster parent, you can request a certain type of dog (male or female, young or old) or you can help with any Boxer that needs assistance. Please fill out the form below if you are interested in fostering for our organization. Thank you!
Boxer Friends